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Amba, Ellie and Bella oversee the organisation of the club and are your first point of call if you have any problems or queries. As President, Amba represents the club in the Athletic Union, Students Union and University and attends meetings with these bodies throughout the year. She also has constant contact with out Club Development Co-ordinator Matthew Nicholson


Ellies main responsibility as Vice President is to support the President with the running of the club whether it be sharing the paperwork and attending meetings or supporting the team captains and the new freshers joining the club. Ellie and Bella are also responsible for organising anything concerning BUCS and umpires.


As Club Captain, Bella is the link between the Coaches and the Club and is responsible for the welfare and organisation of the members. She will meet regularly with the coaches and committee to determine where improvements can be made to ensure the development and progress of the club throughout the year as well as organising Varsity.


President, Vice President and Club Captain all work really closely together to ensure communication is transparent throughout the club and things run smoothly and at least one of us will be around at events like Freshers Fair, fundraisers and socials and most training sessions if there are any problems!

Maddie's role as Kit Secretary is to organise the ordering and distribution of playing and training kit for the whole club. General kit will be available online when the season starts and personalised pieces are organised through her. As Treasurer, Ella is in charge of the club finances, ensuring that everything with our bank account is all in order and helping to make decisions on what we spend our money on! She helps the President and the Social Secs apply for and find different ways of raising the much needed funds for the club so that we can keep our training and equipment up to date.

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Ellie's role hold's great importance for the netball club. This is because as a club, we believe mental and physical health are equally important. Therefore, Ellie will be there for you to confide in, to offer support and give solutions, pointing you in the correct direction to gain the support you need, including reporting concerns to appropriate UoN Sport Staff if needed. Ellie will ensure all issues are spoke in confidence and will attend meeting throughout the year.   


Social Secs

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"As social secs, we would love to use the opportunity to bring girls from different teams together. We believe the bond that the netball girls make is like that of a family. We want to prioritise the integration of all the girls into the club and ensure that as a support system we are there for each other when needed. We aim to bring you a variety of socials on a weekly basis, taking into account people’s preferences. We hope to make your time in the Nottingham Netball Club as enjoyable as possible, creating friendships which can be brought back on the court making for stronger team play!" 

IMS and Engage Programme

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Hannah is in charge of ensuring that everything in the IMS (Intra-Mural Sport) side of the club is running smoothly. As well as being part of the committee they are also part of the University Sports Exec team, made up of officers from each sport. Hannah co-ordinate's the Wednesday and weekend IMS leagues for all halls and societies, as well as working closely with Abbie, Amy and Ayanna to support the effective running of our IMS squad within the club including organising coaching. They also help support the Engage programme sessions that Tara run's twice a week through providing appropriate facilities and coaching provision.