The University Netball Club has worked on forging close ties with the IMS (Intramural Sports) League, who play regularly in Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday Leagues.


IMS (Intra Mural Sport) netball is played between students of the university of Nottingham. The teams are made up of halls, societies, groups of friends and development netball players from the club. Every week we have around 30 fixtures played on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at uni park campus. We play standard netball rules. IMS netball is a great way to get involved in the sport if you just want to play for fun or haven't played since school!

"In my first year I captained the 7s in the IMS netball Wednesday super league. Each week we had a fixture against a society or hall team that was organised by the two IMS netball officers. Every game was umpire and scored as normal and we won our league meaning we played IMS varsity against Loughborough. In my second year I became one of the IMS netball officers and moved up to captain the 5th team meaning I played BUCs fixtures. Every week my team played a different university in the midlands area. The 5th team meant more training, however, the same commitment and enthusiasm as the 7th team. In my third year I will be the chair of the IMS officers exec and will hopefully progress and improve within the netball club."


Hazel Mann IMS Exec 2015/16

Nottingham IMS vs Loughborough IMS

Every Year Our UoN IMS team plays Loughborough University's IMS league. This year despite not winning, we put up a good fight and learnt a lot.Now we are ready for next year.