Being a member of the netball club isn't just about playing netball. We have three social secs who regularly put on socials throughout the year. These socials mostly have a fun theme and are often held with other sports clubs in the university. There's always a great turnout to celebrate a win in Crisis on a Wednesday night! Socials can also be organised within your teams, such as pizza and film nights, as well as team dinner parties that really help create friendships on and off the court!


Socials are an important part of the club, it allows friendships to be made, and a loser bond to be made within the club. 1st years and 5th years, 1st team and 8th team all join together at these socials to have fun! 

A message from our social secs:


"As Social Secs, we would love to use the opportunity to bring together girls from different teams in the club. We believe the bond that the netball girls make is like that of a family. We want to prioritise the integration of all the girls into the club and ensure that as a support system we are there for each other when needed. We aim to bring you a variety of socials on a weekly basis, taking into account people’s preferences for socials i.e. organising a group trip to watch a professional netball match or having a quiet movie night instead of going clubbing every week. We want to make your time in the Nottingham Netball Club as enjoyable as possible, creating friendships which can then be brought back on the court making for stronger team play!" 


Lara, Gemma and Lily 

Social Secs 2018/19

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